Size Batteries for Solar Panels

The batteries are a critical component of the solar system. While solar panels generate electricity on sunny days, they rely on bank of batteries to store energy that can be used in the surrounding power grid on cloudy days or during the interruption of service. US

Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory warns that the biggest cost of solar systems, which extend over years of use, are batteries. Cost of solar system batteries is affected by initial investment, maintenance and replacement plans. to support a correct sizing of batteries solar control lifetime cost of your solar power system investment help.

Size Batteries for Solar Panels

Review your bills for past year to determine your peak energy use month. After you find your peak month, if available, average few years worth of energy bills for that month to determine energy in kilowatt-hours needed to support your house or business for peak month of year. Divide kilowatt-hours needed per peak month by number of days in month.

This will give you number of kilowatt-hours needed per day during peak month. Multiply number of kilowatt-hours needed per day by number of days you will need to run your house or business from solar charged batteries. If you will be off of grid after converting to solar power, include number of consecutive cloudy days typical for your area.

Use this number to size solar system battery bank. Size battery bank 20 to 30 percent higher, as per NREL recommendations, than calculated energy load to accommodate for battery degradation over time.

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How to Size Batteries for Solar Panels

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