Size Air Conditioning Unit

The size of your air conditioner is important step for any homeowner. If you purchase unit that is too large, it will not be efficient and be constantly on and off. However, too small unit run constantly and may never reach comfortable level.

All air conditioning units are measured in BTUs. Your job is to determine number of BTU are suitable for your needs. Look above air conditioner home use.

Size Air Conditioning Unit

This is simplest and, some might say, most accurate, since it was previously working in your home. Go outside and locate fan unit. Normally, this will tell you precisely how many BTUs it uses, and you can purchase one of same size.

Inspect air conditioning units of similarly sized homes in your neighborhood. You may be able to get your neighbors to let you see their air conditioner. This is by no means exact way to size your air conditioner.

However, it may work if you are in pinch and cannot perform some of steps below. Measure square footage in your home for more precise estimate. There are two factors that people use to determine unit size climate and square footage.

Simply multiply length of room or rooms you are cooling by length for solution. Use BTU estimating tool like one in Resources section to determine how many BTUs are right for your home. It will not be precise measurement, but will be quite accurate.

Find website that offers Manual J Load Calculation for professional estimate of your air conditioner size. same website mentioned in Resources section will also take you to link for this method. However, this is more intense calculation and may require that you pay fee to use.

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How to Size Air Conditioning Unit

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