Settle Car Insurance Claim Due to Flood

Comprehensive coverage or other than collision coverage, generally provides reimbursement for damage to car suffered due to falling object, fire, hail, theft, vandalism, animal impact and flooding. Unbeknownst to most can cause considerable damage to car floods. damaging flood water not only inside the vehicle, but by Esurance can also cause damage to car’s engine, steering, transmission and brakes.

Contact your insurance immediately, especially if you had to leave your vehicle in flood. be towed your insurance company to arrange able for vehicle-conditioning repair, you will save time and storage costs to reduce. Even if you rent coverage of your policy have, your insurance will be able to set up with the replacement vehicle.

Settle Car Insurance Claim Due to Flood

Ask for vehicle to be thoroughly inspected by certified mechanic. Flood waters can cause lots of unseen damage, especially to computer-controlled engine management systems. Floodwaters can also turn interior of your vehicle into breeding ground for mold and e-coli, which is especially dangerous for small children.

Research value of car. Chances are if your vehicle shows extensive damage, or if estimate to repair vehicle exceeds more than 75 percent of value of vehicle, insurance company will total it. Ensure you are getting fair price by looking up blue book value and researching market value of similar vehicles with similar mileage within 100 mile radius.

Work to negotiate fair settlement for both parties. Remember insurance is purchased to cover what was lost or damaged, nothing more and nothing less. Do not expect your insurance company to replace your older vehicle with brand new one.

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How to Settle Car Insurance Claim Due to Flood

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