Set Up Solar Panels

Solar panels are well set easiest part of your solar system, and you can provide the necessary work to save some money in the process. Roof-mounted panels for smaller systems are the easiest to install, with small flush mounting brackets, the panels to best angle lift for solar collection. You can just follow instructions in the box.

Pole mounted plates difficult yet feasible installation to homeowners represent. Ask your dealer or solar literary device manufacturer to size pole you determine need. ready for 8 meter high mount, you will use 12-foot long pole, which is 2 to 8 inches thick – inside diameter – depending on the size of the array.

Set Up Solar Panels

Have pipe dealer or machine shop drill holes few inches from bottom, straight through both sides, and insert 18-inch-long–or longer depending on thickness of your pipe– and 1 or 2-inch-thick piece of rebar through pipe perpendicularly. Weld in place if desired. This cross piece will help keep pipe from turning or shifting once it is set in cement, making it stronger against high winds.

Dig hole in ground for setting pole. As general rule, 1 or 3 of pipe’s length should be positioned below ground for strongest base. So, for 12-foot pole, you will need 4-foot-deep hole at least as wide as rebar cross piece.

Mix your cement. Depending on size of hole, you will need from two to five bags of premix. Mix one bag at time according to manufacturer’s instructions.

When your first batch is ready, wet down bottom and sides of hole to prevent soil from leaching water from cement while it cures, set pole in hole with rebar end down. Carefully shovel cement into hole on all sides of your pole. Have helper with level hold pole plumb while you mix and add more cement.

plumb pole is critical to stability of your pole mounted array. Cover surface of wet cement with plastic. Allow cement to cure over course of several days, removing plastic after 24 hours.

Install panel mount on your pole. Most pole-mounting structures will fit directly on top of pole, others may slide down onto pole. Using compass, turn mount so panel surface faces due south provided you are in Northern Hemisphere.

Tighten sleeve according to mounting instructions.

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How to Set Up Solar Panels

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