Set Up Solar Panels for Homes

Year after year, people around the world build awareness of environmental impact, placing their energy needs. People look for renewable sources that emitted into the atmosphere to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases. One way to reduce your carbon footprint with your home is by installing solar panels.

You can save during installation, by working to do it yourself. If properly exposed and in direct sunlight, plates can deliver 75 watts or more power at home. Find best location for solar panels to be installed.

Set Up Solar Panels for Homes

It is best to consider amount of sunlight area will get. Solar panels should be in area that is exposed to most amount of sunlight during day. If possible solar panels should face south, if that is not possible then having them face east or west will suffice.

However, facing them in east or west position will require you to add more panels to ensure you get same amount of energy into home. Use stud finder to locate rafters to attach panels to and reduce risk of coming loose. Solar panels are typically 1 1 or 2 by 3 feet, so you will want to measure sufficient amount of space on roof.

Lay out your solar panel mounting kit. mounts should be approximately 48 inches apart and directly on rafter. If this is not possible, then mounts can be attached to block of wood attached to underside of roof.

Use your chalk line to ensure mounts are installed in straight line. Drill holes with pilot bit so you do not split rafter when drilling , and secure mounts to rafters using lag bolts. Thread post into hole and cover with roof flashing to prevent leaks. Open junction box found on back of each panel and connect wires to negative and positive terminal screws found in box.

You should also find diagram on back of solar panel that will indicate proper connection for wires.

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How to Set Up Solar Panels for Homes

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