Set Up Solar Energy

Homeowners have to install a lot of reasons for solar power – energy from free natural resources, no emissions and low maintenance. While new construction systems have custom built building need to match adding solar array to existing house and to realize similar benefits. typical method combines solar power with conventional energy systems, and you will need job assistance. However, rewards can be worth working.

Studying at home energy costs and consumption, including gas and electricity. On map out your invoices so you monthly or yearly costs to see. Use data to estimate how much electricity your home need. Add another 30 percent to that figure as a pillow.

Set Up Solar Energy

Plan for this figure to be target energy production your new system will need to produce. Purchase solar energy kit to match dimensions and wiring of your house. Consult electrician, if needed, to get right kit.

Confirm that each panel can produce minimum of 250 watts of power captures from sun exposure. Have contractor install sufficient number of panels on your roof to produce power figure you need to match your estimate. Position roof panels depending on best sun exposure.

Have electrician integrate your solar system with your home’s existing electrical system to ensure it’s done per building code. Have solar contractor position and secure solar panels to your roofing with rail system that comes with kit, buy rail system if your kit does not include it. Avoid placing any of panels where they would fall under shade — it’s waste of money.

Purchase power inverter to convert solar panel to electricity you can use in your house i.e., convert DC to AC . Connect solar panels directly to inverter. Run inverter connection into home grid via its junction box and breaker panel.

Have switch installed by your electrician to be able to cut off solar power system if needed.

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How to Set Up Solar Energy

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