Set Up Solar Energy System

Can be used with solar system stream of sunlight that converts for the implementation of devices that energy into electricity. You can set up solar system include storage batteries, allowing you to draw on solar energy at any time. The establishment of off-grid solar system, you can bypass the local power grid to generate electricity for your home.

Your only cost system components, electricity is free. Safe array of solar panels on the roof. Array should face the same latitude of your position to the south and at an angle.

Set Up Solar Energy System

For example, Phoenix, Arizona, is at 33 degrees latitude. If you’re living there, your panels would be mounted at 33-degree angle. Install array DC disconnect.

This unit is installed on exterior of your home. Run wires from solar panels to array DC disconnect. array DC disconnect will allow you to switch off connection if you need to work on solar panels.

Run wires from array DC disconnect to charge controller. charge controller protects batteries that will store DC power. When batteries are fully charged, charge controller will cut power from solar panels.

Run wires from charge controller to batteries. Run wires from batteries to DC disconnect. DC disconnect allows you to switch off power from solar panels and batteries if you need to work on system.

Connect DC disconnect to inverter. inverter converts DC power into AC power. electrical system in your home runs on AC power.

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How to Set Up Solar Energy System

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