Set Up Solar Energy at Home

Solar energy is reliable and clean way of renewable energy. It is produced by conversion of energy from radiation of the sun into usable electrical energy. It is possible to use solar power for the home.

In fact, it is much easier to complete the project, as you can imagine. Unfortunately, the solar cells are to found not cheap. However, basic setup for solar power to your home, the link does not have to be a complex process.

Set Up Solar Energy at Home

Calculate approximate monthly power consumption of your home by charting information shown on your electric bill. Construct solar power supply system that can go beyond your needs by roughly 25 percent. Buy photovoltaic solar panels.

Photovoltaic solar panels are efficient and they are also least expensive option available. Buy panel that produces minimum of 250 watts of direct current. Secure panel s to your roof using rail mounting system.

rail mounting system should be provided with panels. Follow carefully directions that are included. panels can be tilted upwards to accommodate roof slope.

Preferably, solar system should face southwest. Also make sure your roof has no shade. Use power inverter to convert solar energy into energy for your home.

Every panel will be coupled in series. That electricity generated via panels is now usable DC current. Connect solar panels into inverter.

inverter converts direct current from panels into current used in your home.

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How to Set Up Solar Energy at Home

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