Set Up Guest Bathrooms

Prepare in advance for guests. If you anticipate visitors, establish days in advance if possible in order to relieve the stress of having more people at home. It is important to clean and guest bathroom are ready – and they are staying overnight or couple of weeks. After doing general cleaning and tidying, add a touch of beauty and comfort.

No matter the size of the room, you can create a warm and comfortable environment for everyone. Scrub and clean bath and shower. clean bathroom and sink s.

Set Up Guest Bathrooms

Make sure shower curtain is clean, too, laundering it if necessary. Ensure entire space if free of mold and mildew. Replace shower curtain liner with new, clear one.

Polish mirror and windows with glass cleaner. If you don’t have mirror in guest bathroom, provide hand mirror. Decorate bathroom with few artfully placed objects or paintings on walls.

Make sure lights work and replace any bulbs that are out. Hang fresh hand towels within easy reach of sink. Place new toilet paper roll on its holder, and have several rolls available under sink or in easy-to-reach, obvious location.

Organize sets of towels for expected guests, especially those who will spend night. Each set can include full-length shower towel, hand towel and washcloth. Either leave these in guest bedroom or, if there’s room, in bathroom itself.

Draping them together on towel racks works nicely. Group small basic toiletries together in small basket to place beside sink or on shelf. Items to include are travel toothpaste, toothbrush, mini-mouthwash, hand lotion and shampoo and conditioner set, such as those found in hotels.

Optional items to include are emory boards, disposable razors, shower cap and dental floss. Though many people carry their own toiletries when traveling, having few basic extras is considerate touch.

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How to Set Up Guest Bathrooms

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