Set Up Dental Tray

A dental tray is configured according to dental procedure to be performed. In each tray it is instruments, tools and supplies dentist will use to perform each treatment. tray can carry anywhere explorer and gauze for simple examination, that is quite extensive complex procedure.

In any case, making sure dental tray having everything available that dentist needs is very important. Put pair of gloves, medical mask, cup with mouthwash, tissue, and bib and dental chain in each tray. This is standard configuration, regardless of procedure.

Set Up Dental Tray

Every tray should also have stack of gauze and some dental floss. If procedure will require extensive dental treatment, dental tray should also have syringe and anesthetic with numbing paste. There should also be drill and appropriate drill bits. Set up tray for cleaning by starting with piece of tray paper. cleaning tray should carry explorer, scalers, perio probe, gauze, floss, prophy paste and prophy instrument. dental tray for cleaning can also carry film for teeth xrays as sometimes xrays are taken at same time teeth are cleaned.

Make sure to put impression material with proper quadrant tray on dental tray when setting up for crown and bridge. Along with standard explorer you will need cord and cord packing instrument. impression is taken after tooth is prepared for crown.

It is much better to have it all setup in advance so you don’t have to go searching for anything. Once impression is taken, acrylic temporary will be made, so don’t forget acrylic. Put pair of dental pliers on dental tray when setting up for extraction.

This procedure will require extra anesthetic so have it ready. Lots of gauze is used when tooth is extracted so make sure box is near. only other instrument required on extraction dental tray is standard explorer.

Don’t forget shade guide when setting up composite tray. white filling material must be matched to surrounding teeth, so shade guide is used in order to choose correct color of composite. Since composite is filling material, don’t forget syringe and numbing paste.

Although, if cavity is shallow, dentist might not need to numb patient. But have it ready anyway.

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How to Set Up Dental Tray

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