Set Up Cheap Solar Power System

Solar electric panels are great way to go green and cutting down on electricity costs. One of the few reasons that people holding back from installing solar power at home, its initial cost, which may be predominantly high. Good news is, you can can find cheap solar cells at different locations and align itself. In this way, the installation overall cost of the solar power system can be significantly reduced.

Find cheap solar cells. Locate solar panel government rebates in your residential area. There are discount programs in the various countries introduced by the government that homeowners report, set up solar energy in their homes.

Set Up Cheap Solar Power System

Depending on program, you may not have to pay anything at all for installation. Besides government rebates, also conduct online research for refurbished solar panels. Purchase used panels with minimal wear and tear, you can always do small repairs to make them work.

Learn how to install solar panels yourself. This saves money you would have had to spend on getting panels installed by professional. Prepare work area and figure out which part of your roof will be ideal for installation of solar panels.

Pick area that gets maximum sun exposure all year long. Then, trace position of roof rafters using stud finder. Mark out rafters placement using twine as panels will be secured to rafters.

Fasten pilot bit to electric drill and pre-drill holes into rafters. Place mounts that come along with solar panels on top of these rafters. Secure them by inserting stainless steel lag bolts into holes you drilled in rafters and holes that are already present on mounts. steel lag bolts keep mounts in place.

Use 3 or 8-inch lag bolts to attach rails they also come with panels to roof-secured mounts. Now install panels along these rails using roofing nails. Run conduit from inverter inside house to solar panels on roof. inverter converts direct current produced by panels into alternating current required by home appliances.

Connect inverter to power grid of your house.

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How to Set Up Cheap Solar Power System

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