Set Up Bar for Wedding

According to knot, up to 50 percent of their wedding budget goes to reception, which includes cost of food and drink. To reduce price of drinks, couples can find place that allows them to create their own bar. purchase of beer, wine and liquor wholesale and setting bar itself can reduce expenses.

Also, usually you can return unopened bottles, which means that your money is not wasted. Talk to experts about advantages and disadvantages of different types of bars. free bar includes beer, wine and spirits.

Set Up Bar for Wedding

A limited bar often features only beer and wine. You can also include signature cocktail to your open bar, giving guests who prefer liquor choice but reducing your expenses. Choose bar type that works best for your guest list and budget.

Calculate how much alcohol you will need for your guests. According to Knot, 100-guest wedding will require five to six cases of beer, two cases of red wine and three-and-a-half cases of white wine as well as at least one liter of whiskey, bourbon, gin, scotch, light rum, tequila and vermouth. Use these numbers as guide, and talk to your venue about amount of alcohol it suggests. Shop around for best price on alcohol. You can find discounts by making bulk purchases from wholesale distributors.

Find distributor who will let you return unopened bottles, which means you won’t overbuy. Put up decorative accents to attract guests to your wedding reception bar. You can add votive candles or even create framed menu that lists drink selections you have available.

Add personalized cocktail napkins with your name and wedding date to bar top. Stack bar ware on bar shelves for bartenders to use. This includes cocktail shakers, shot glasses, jiggers and stirrers.

Fill cooler with ice. Fill bar shelves with cocktail glasses, including tumblers, martini glasses and margarita glasses. Your venue likely will provide these basic bar supplies.

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How to Set Up Bar for Wedding

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