Set Up and Install 12 Volt Solar Power Station

The basic solar power system consists of four main components solar cells, charge controllers, batteries and inverters. Output power of solar panels vary in their individual size, how many panels are wired together in an array and average daily sunlight in geographic area installed. Charge controller protects batteries from over or under charging and prolong their life.

battery bank size is determined by Ampere hour special requirements of your system. Inverter, which is optional for 12-volt systems, DC DC batteries will convert most devices required current AC in AC. Analyze your website for the best location for your solar panels.

Set Up and Install 12 Volt Solar Power Station

Use solar maps to obtain average number of peak sun hours at your latitude and longitude location. Depending on your location, angle adjustment may be needed for winter and summer variances to maximize production of solar panels. Determine total AC and DC power usage of entire system.

This total will be in watt-hours of consumption. If connected to U.S. power system total kWh for each month is listed on monthly bill.

Use this total to get daily, weekly or hourly amounts. Determine size of inverter based on total amount of continuous wattage needed. Also surge wattage amount will need to be considered. Refer to inverter manufacturer’s specifications to size inverter for your system.

For 12-volt DC systems, inverter is not required. Determine battery size based on battery capacity necessary for your specific size of system. Battery capacity is measured in amp-hours.

Install system components according to manufacturer’s instructions. Several different types of solar panel mounting systems are available for consideration. Use site analysis to determine whether roof mount, pole mount or adjustable rack mounts will be installed.

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How to Set Up and Install 12 Volt Solar Power Station

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