Service Car Air Conditioner

Understanding process of air conditioning is familiar with parts of air conditioning system of car and how each of them work. If you have driven in car without air conditioning, you will experience lot of sweating and feeling of nasal congestion. It is then going to want to have set your air conditioning unit before start of warm weather.

If air in your car is not running, you may need another operation assistance. You can obtain help from mechanic, or you can do it yourself. Check refrigerant R-134a has leak.

Service Car Air Conditioner

Buy fluorescent dye from auto-supply store, and add it to air conditioning system to determine if there are any leaks. can will have instructions on how to use fluorescent dye. If leak is bad, find one of valves, and poke object like pencil or pen in it to valve off pressure.

Turn on AC and check compressor under hood of car. If air conditioner of your car is on, blower is working but center of pulley does not respond, it means clutch of compressor has problem. This could be due to wiring problem, broken AC switch in dash, bad fuse or your AC system being really low on refrigerant.

Air conditioning systems in car have safety cutouts that can stop compressor if there is not much refrigerant in system. If you see that your car does cool but not much, it means there is low pressure, and you need to put in more refrigerant. Auto supply stores sell kits with detailed instructions.

that can refill system. Also do not overfill, thinking that it will improve performance, on contrary, it decreases it. Wear eye protection when checking for leaks.

If you remove any refrigerant oil, it may be possible that some of it may spill. So do not forget to wipe off oil. Your system will have light oil in it.

If you vent off any refrigerant, be prepared to wipe some oil off things nearby. Replace refrigerant that you have in your car with HC12a.This is better performing than commonly used R-134a or R12 used in older cars .

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