Sell Supplemental Medicare Insurance

Supplemental Medicare insurance, which is also known as Medigap insurance is sold to Medicare subscribers to pay for medical expenses not covered by Medicare. There are many health care costs, deductibles and co-payments that are not paid for by Medicare. With baby boomers turns 65, the market will grow exponentially.

carried considered Sales supplemental insurance Medicare must mindset of retirement age population. Get life and health insurance agent license. Sign up for course approved by your state of residence for licensing.

Sell Supplemental Medicare Insurance

Take online courses that generally takes 10 to 15 days to complete or classroom course that can be completed in five days. Pass course, state exam and background check to get licensed. Apply for agent’s position with private insurance company that sells Medigap policies.

Many insurance companies sell these policies and they are often hiring new agents. Call Medicare eligible individuals from your leads list. This list is supplied to you by insurance company. list will be compiled of people based on their birthday or requests for information.

Know your stuff Medigap eligible people are elderly, not idiots. Stay informed on changes in Medicare and when changes will go into effect. If you are unable to give them accurate current information, prepare to be schooled. Looking fool will not inspire confidence in you and prospect will likely go elsewhere.

Make sure prospect is not already enrolled in Medicare Advantage Part C . person already enrolled in Medicare Advantage must terminate coverage before purchasing Medigap policy.

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How to Sell Supplemental Medicare Insurance

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