Sell Solar Power

Two tools are available, solar power for sale. Net metering is better suited for residential grid-connected solar systems. produced with this system excess electricity will be credited to your electricity bill, sells effect excess utility.

Renewable Energy Certificates RECs are created by solar power generators in 1,000 kWh increments, much larger than could produce living system, which it uses each month. RECs sold to suppliers that are mandated in 35 states to provide certain share of renewable energy to consumers. Connect your solar system on grid.

Sell Solar Power

grid-tied system uses inverter to convert DC electricity to national AC standard. When you tie your panels to national grid you can omit backup battery packs. grid is your backup when sun is not shining or when your home uses more electricity than your panels can produce.

Install net meter system when you install your panel system. net meter is just like standard utility meter, however, it will run backward when your system generates more electricity than it uses. utility will credit your bill at wholesale power rate for any excess generation.

Some utilities will allow you to carry over excess power generation and credit you annually, others provide monthly credits. Solar panel systems rarely generate power in excess of what homes use unless strict in-home conservation policies are implemented. Register in Renewable Energy Certificate Tracking system in your state, if your system generates 1,000 kWh or more in excess of consumption. Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy provides solar portal with guidance on each state’s renewable energy tracking program and how to register.

Sell RECs directly to electricity suppliers. Most states require that energy suppliers maintain certain percentage of their portfolio as green power. national policy, implemented at state level, decreases need for fossil fuels to meet increasing power demands.

Governments ensure that renewable energy standards are being met by tracking RECs as they are bought and sold to make sure that renewable energy is in fact being produced at specified points of generation and supplied to grid. Transmission lines cannot distinguish whether electrons are produced from sun or from burning coal so RECs must be tracked through suppliers. Sell RECs at auction.

Several trading platforms are available. Department of Energy has complied list of retail marketers that trade RECs under renewable energy standard mandates or voluntary markets. Several traders will also help negotiate solar power purchase agreements whereby third party developer owns, operates and maintains solar panel system but leases roof or property on which to locate it. property owner buys power generated from system while owner gets tax credits, income from power sales and RECs to sell for each 1,000 kWh generated in excess of consumption.

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