Sell Solar Power Back to Grid

You’re not going through the installation of solar energy in your home or business to solve the world’s energy ills, but government and energy companies have made solar economically beneficial to consumers. Nationwide 2008 Banking bailout provides homeowners and businesses rebates to invest tax credits other incentives in solar and wind energy. Many states added another layer of economic incentive for solar energy to install, making it so attractive that it will pay off over time.

California’s best example, and its procedures are easily vary initiatives in this article of the other countries, but not much. In California, Pacific Gas and Electric contact right setup for your solar panels to determine, so that they can feed properly into the electricity grid. Fill appropriate papers in Net Energy Metering NEM enroll.

Sell Solar Power Back to Grid

Install solar panels as instructed by PGandamp, E officials and connect solar panels to internal electric grid of your home or business. PGandamp, E or power company in your state will inspect solar installation to determine that it meets specifications. Connect to grid.

PGandamp, E will install bi-directional net meter on your property to measure net energy used by customer — that is difference between amount of electricity supplied by PGandamp, E and amount of electricity exported to grid. readings will be taken monthly. If you export more electricity than amount supplied by PGandamp, E, you receive credit.

If customer receives more electricity from PGandamp, E than they export, amount used is charged. In either event, it will be smaller amount than you paid before installation of solar panels. Select time-of-use or seasonal electric rate program because rate schedules are more favorable to consumers even if you are not net generator.

Rates vary with time of day and time of season. heavier demand on grid, higher rates. If you’re generating more than you’re consuming during these periods, credit rates are higher.

Even if you’re not net generator during these times of peak usage, you’re overall bill will be reduced through consumption of less electricity. Beginning in 2011 under bill passed by California Legislature, you can receive cash rebates if you’re net generator over course of year. Some other states have enacted similar legislation.

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How to Sell Solar Power Back to Grid

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