Sell Salon Products

Hairdressers can decent profit from services contact they exist. It is enough to highlight the pedicure, but that is to have only one win Allee. You can also make money from the sale of hair and other salon products. This requires much more than just to provide products on display.

You must also make efforts to interact with your customers and word out to others who often perhaps your salon. Research your customer base. Go about your income to find out what services and products have acquired your customers in the past, as this will give an indication of type of products that would sell well in your salon.

Sell Salon Products

Look up how much your clients earn on average through income data from Census Bureau and take this into consideration — along with manufacturer’s suggested retail price — when pricing your products. Learn everything you can about products you will sell. Know manufacturer, ingredients, and primary purpose and use of each product. Put salon products in easily accessible location of salon for clients to see.

display location ideally should be near waiting area so clients can browse your selection as they wait. When clients sign in for their appointments, tell them about your product promotional deals or available coupons. Ask clients questions about their product needs.

For example, if you want to sell hair care products, ask client getting haircut what problems she has with her hair or what she enjoys about her current products. Select individual salon products that meet needs of each client. Use product on clients while they are receiving services, or do quick demonstration on mannequin. Tell clients about products and why you think product would be good fit for them.

Save pricing information for last.

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How to Sell Salon Products

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