Select Home Air Conditioner

An air conditioner at home could be one of most important and expensive purchases made for your home this year. reason that this purchase is so important is because function that your air conditioner is and role it will play in your home. During summer months, long and hot, home air conditioner will provide you and your family with relief levels of heat and humidity of summer.

It is important to remember that air conditioning at home is generally expensive purchase, so do not impulse buy when you select one for your home. Get price range for buying your home air conditioner. Take look at your budget and determine proper price you and your family can afford this investment.

Select Home Air Conditioner

Use this number to select model that’s right for your home. Expect to pay between $3,000 and $6,000 for central air conditioner as of January 2011. You can purchase window model for as little as $150.

Pay attention to EER. This stands for Energy Efficiency Rating, and it will tell you how environmentally friendly and energy-efficient home air conditioners you’re selecting from are. Look for number that’s above 9.7, which is recommended by law.

Generally, rating of 10.7 or above is very good, according to Consumer Reports. Both window models and central air conditioners will have Energy Efficiency Rating. Factor in BTUs.

This stands for British Thermal Units, and it’s used to measure capacity of home air conditioners you’re selecting from. With window air conditioner, 8,200 BTUs are needed to cool every 400 square feet of space, according to Consumer Reports. For central air conditioner, BTUs are measured per hour, and each brand will specify what size home each model can handle cooling.

Look for home air conditioners that offer dehumidifying mode if you live in very humid area. This basically means that home air conditioner can double as dehumidifier and make temperature and air in your home even more comfortable. This is more common feature in window air conditioners, but central air conditioners can also have this feature.

Check out controls for home air conditioner yourself if possible. Larger controls that feature easy-to-read screens and large buttons are generally preferable. Easy operation is important for both window models and central air conditioners.

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