Select Best Air Conditioner Temperature Settings

Anyone who has air conditioner occasionally received surprising bill. incorrect settings can cause high utility costs, but wrong temperature can affect your health. Knowing right environment for your air conditioner can help stay healthy and out of poorhouse.

Fortunately, if you follow few guidelines, you can select appropriate setting for your particular needs. Set temperature in degrees and determine if you can live comfortably. house is well insulated comfort zone about 72 degrees to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Select Best Air Conditioner Temperature Settings

Set your air conditioner according to your daytime peak temperature. If peak temperature hits 80 degrees, you may have your setting at 78 degrees to maintain comfort. But if peak temperature outside only hits 78 degrees, you won’t use any energy at all.

Set air conditioner according to your nighttime drop temperature ot stay in your average comfort zone. If nighttime temperature drops to 72 degrees or lower, you can set your air conditioner at 78 degrees, and temperature in your room will always remain in average comfort range. If temperature forecasts 73 degrees, you can set air conditioner at 72 degrees and stay within your average comfort zone.

Match temperature to your specific needs. Some people with asthma or other breathing problems might need cooler, drier environment. Generally, any setting beneath 70 feels cool.

Keeping setting at 69 degrees serves your purposes and saves you money compared to lower setting. You might have to adjust your temperature by one degree at time to satisfy your individual health needs. Match your usage to your budget.

Each degree colder costs 3 percent to 5 percent more. For instance, if you keep your temperature at 68 degrees and have $100 utility bill, you can set setting at 72 degrees and potentially save 20 percent or $20.

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How to Select Best Air Conditioner Temperature Settings

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