Seal Leaking Air Conditioning Duct

Leaking air conditioning ducts waste energy and cause high utility bills. Instead of spending excessive amount of profits or immediately calling professional, consider sealing leaky ducts itself. If it does work itself, which not only save future cooling costs, you will also get ahead financially on side of labor for project.

Examine system air conditioning ducts for leaks or loose connections flex. In thermostat, turn fan switch in ON position. Feel around each set and each connection.

Seal Leaking Air Conditioning Duct

Do not forget to check around inside unit for leaks – this is common spot. Any leaks should be repaired for maximum efficiency. Repair flex connections first.

If connection has completely fallen off, remove old panduit strap. That is large plastic zip tie that holds inner part of flex tube in place. If there is one on outer layer, remove that also.

Pull back outer layer and insulation to reveal 8 to 12 inches of inner layer. Slide inner layer onto boot connection. Use duct tape to tape inner liner in place.

Use pair of pliers to install new panduit strap. Pull outer layer down and install panduit strap. Paint connection with duct dealing mastic.

Repair ripped flex next. Pull rip together. Use duct tape to hold it in place.

Stretch fab completely over tape. Large rips may require more than one piece of fab. Mastic all fab.

Repair leaking air conditioning boxes next. Stretch piece of fab mesh across leaking seam. Paint fab with duct sealing mastic.

staple gun can be used on stubborn seams. Large gaps can be filled with insulation then use fab and mastic to seal. Seal air handler.

main cause for leakage here is that tape that was used has become unglued due to moisture. Cut away loose tape. Wipe everything clean.

Stretch fab around air conditioning unit. Apply mastic. If unit sets on platform, paint platform and up side of unit about 3 inches.

When painting unit do not seal panels, as they are needed for access.

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How to Seal Leaking Air Conditioning Duct

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