Sand and Restain Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom cabinets, particularly those old houses often are sturdy enough to survive several renovations and remodeling. Instead of replacing your cabinets when you are redoing your bathroom, just try sanding and restaining them to create new image. With few hours and little effort, you will have cabinets that look like they just put them on.

Delete all doors, drawers and drawer fronts cabinet frame. Set aside hinges and screws if you will use in varnished cabinets. Unscrew and remove all door handles and drawers. Recycle if you are using new hardware, or set them aside if you want to install them again.

Sand and Restain Bathroom Cabinets

Spread out cabinet doors and drawer faces on large, flat surface with plenty of ventilation. patch of grass or open garage are suitable. Lay out drop cloth or old sheet to protect surface underneath.

Wipe cabinets doors, drawers and framing clean with damp cloth. If necessary, use mild wood cleaner to remove difficult spots. Let them dry. Sand doors, drawer fronts and framing with 120-grit sandpaper.

Work with grain of wood in smooth, even strokes. Once finish has been removed, go over exposed areas lightly with 220-grit sandpaper. wood should be free of scuffs and rough spots. Vacuum wood with shop vac or vacuum cleaner extension to remove sanding dust.

Wipe all grooves and surfaces with clean soft cloth to remove any remaining dust.

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How to Sand and Restain Bathroom Cabinets

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