Safely Disconnect Solar Panels

Solar modules are designed to take light from the sun and convert it into electricity. Because these devices are becoming increasingly popular in condominium, is a security problem. These devices generate electricity as long as a lot of solar panels applies to light.

This is the safety concern because this maintenance can make to solar power system is very dangerous. Size of the solar system determines how it should be disconnected from the system during maintenance. Take large opaque clothes and completely every solar power panel cover system.

Safely Disconnect Solar Panels

By cutting off sunlight to solar panel, panel will stop producing electricity. Put on safety glasses and gloves. Turn on voltage meter and set it to measure direct current voltage DC .

Touch metal part of red positive probe of voltage meter to positive terminal of solar panel. Then hold metal part of black negative probe to negative terminal of solar power panel. meter should give you reading of 0 volts. This process reduces possibility of electric shock.

Disconnect wires connecting solar panel to solar power system by loosening bolts or screws holding solar power wires in place. screwdriver or socket wrench can be used for this, depending on type of wire connection terminals. Some larger systems use solar power disconnect switch for added safety in case one of solar panels gets exposed to light during maintenance.

Cover ends of each wire with electrical tape, plastic bag or rubber terminal cover to prevent physical contact should wires become live. Also cover solar panel wire connect terminals.

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How to Safely Disconnect Solar Panels

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