Run Your Home on Solar Panels

Solar energy is reliable and clean form of energy to convert by solar radiation into electricity consumption at home. Initial installation of solar collectors can be very expensive, but if you install panels and run it, reduce your monthly electricity bills with clearly. Decide the best location on the roof for the installation of solar panels.

ideal place either to be on the west side or east side, depending on where it receives the most sunlight during the day. Measure where you want to install panels. Use tape measure for this purpose and highlight area chalk.

Run Your Home on Solar Panels

This will help you place mounting brackets in straight line. Now use stud finder to locate supporting beams on your roof. After locating each one, mark it using chalk.

While placing brackets, make sure you leave gap of at least 2 to 4 feet between each panel. Make holes in supporting beams of roof using power drill. While drilling, go slow as you will be drilling through layers of roof shingles before reaching supporting beams.

Locate bolt holes present on each mounting bracket. Now insert steel lag bolts into each hole of bracket and holes you drilled in roof. Fasten these bolts to roof using socket wrench.

Place each solar panel on top of mounting bracket and secure it using roofing nails or screws. These roofing nails will go at bottom of mounting brackets.

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How to Run Your Home on Solar Panels

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