Run Home on Solar Power

If you build a new home from scratch, you have to use in a unique position environmental and economic benefits of solar energy to run at home. Solar home building is often cheaper than to retrofit existing house. But even if you live in the house, the power grid is linked, you can use solar energy, also.

Learn to operate at home on solar energy. Build passive solar home. Working with architect. In passive solar home design to ensure specialized locally at home in an ideal orientation to sun maximum solar benefits Architect can advise how thermal mass to integrate into your home design such as concrete floors and stone chimneys and other design and material selection, increase energy efficiency.

Run Home on Solar Power

Install solar photovoltaic–or PV–system for active solar power system to run your home. Even if you live in existing home, you can retrofit your home with solar PV system that allows you to run your home from solar power. You can set up solar PV system with battery bank to store power, or you can remain tied to electric grid so you don’t have to worry about maintaining battery bank.

Then, on days where you produce more power than you need, your electric meter runs backwards, and electric company pays you. On days when you use more power than you generate, your system switches back to electric grid. Upgrade your appliances to energy-efficient 12-volt models.

Super energy-efficient washers, dryers, refrigerators and freezers are available in 12-volt models that require fraction of energy traditional models do, making them ideal options to run on solar power. Convert existing gas, oil or electric hot water heater to solar hot water heater. Hot water consumes enormous amount of energy.

Your fossil fuel-based utility bills will plummet if you make this one simple upgrade. Plus, you won’t feel guilty taking long, luxurious steamy hot shower.

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How to Run Home on Solar Power

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