Retrofit R12 Auto Air Conditioning System

Dichlorodifluoromethane, also known as CFC-12, Freon-12 or R-12, is chlorofluorocarbons commonly used as refrigerant for air conditioning in cars built before 1994. Under authority of Clean Air Act, Environmental Protection Agency banned manufacture and sale of R-12 in 1995. According to EPA, automakers worldwide chose R-134a to be long term for R-12 systems / C automotive replacement in vehicles new and retrofit applications.

References 1 basic modification kits are available that contain new refrigerant, lubricant compatible, EPA requires service label and accessories. vacuum system air conditioning I-12 taking her to certified technician / C for evacuation with proper equipment. Make sure system is free of leaks and holding proper vacuum before proceeding with modification.

Retrofit R12 Auto Air Conditioning System

Locate system low-pressure port, which is located on large diameter hose running from dashboard area to compressor. Remove dust cap from port and thoroughly clean threads. Select proper adapter – according to kit instructions – and it attach it to low-side fitting.

Clean high-side fitting and attach remaining adapter and cap. Put on gloves and safety glasses. Prepare charging apparatus according to kit instructions.

Connect charging hose to new low-side fitting. Start car and turn air conditioner on high cool. Charge system by turning can-tap valve or squeezing dispensing trigger, depending on kit.

Follow kit instructions to determine orientation of refrigerant can. On totally evacuated system, at least one can is normally dispensed upside down. Continue charging until can is empty.

Change cans following procedure recommended by kit manufacturer. Add separate oil charge, if one is used, immediately after first can of refrigerant.

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How to Retrofit R12 Auto Air Conditioning System

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