Reset Air Conditioner on Dodge Caravan

The Dodge Caravan minivan is manufactured and sold by Dodge division of Chrysler Group. van was first manufactured in 1983 and remains in production from 2011. vehicle air conditioning system air conditioning to cool passenger during warm weather and hot units.

buttons air conditioning unit may start blinking due to momentary power failure, in which case it is necessary restoration of AC. procedure, commonly called calibration, start auto test and diagnostic system reset for vehicle air conditioning. Start Dodge Caravan.

Reset Air Conditioner on Dodge Caravan

Insert key into ignition and turn to On position. Turn Mode Control dial to Panel. This setting only directs air to your face and upper body and not your feet.

Locate three leftmost buttons in AC controls. Press and hold top one and bottom one. top button controls rear wiper on constant and bottom button controls rear wiper washer fluid.

AC light should illuminate and then flash. Release buttons once you see light flash. AC will start to calibrate and reset.

Air should blow out of vents at different intervals during reset. top button will flash when reset is completed. Press top button to complete reset.

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How to Reset Air Conditioner on Dodge Caravan

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