Reserve Solar Energy

Solar energy could be just solution to the energy problems on whole world. It has to make numerous benefits that it pays to develop, since it is inexpensive, renewable, environmentally friendly energy source. However, Sun’s source of energy, it is limited to exploitation during the sunny days, making it necessary to reserve this power first before you can use it in the absence of sun.

Decide is best suited for medium to reserve solar energy for you. Let factors such as availability of materials and scale of production influence on your decision thereof. Some options are available to you are photovoltaic systems, Fresnel lenses corrugated special kind of lenses that appear used with the black lines and electric pylons system that operate in a similar manner to thermo bottles.

Reserve Solar Energy

Use photovoltaic systems to reserve energy in small scales. They are means of converting light energy from sun into electricity using photovoltaic cells for small-scale use in homes and small industries. best way to store solar energy through these systems is by use of batteries connected to system.

Most photovoltaic systems are do-it-yourself, making installing one — including batteries for reserving solar energy — easy task. Build power towers to help store sun’s heat energy. Research shows that storing energy from sun in form of heat is much easier and cheaper than storing electricity generated from it.

Power towers use this concept to reserve energy from sun. They are large tower tanks designed in similar manner as thermo flasks surrounded with mirrors that concentrate sun’s heat to them. Inside tank are molten salts that store heat, coupled with heat exchangers that channel heat to generate steam from water that drives electricity-generating turbines.

Put in place system of black pipes with Fresnel lenses over them that concentrate sun’s heat onto them. Fill pipes with fluids, such as water, for concentrated heat energy to heat and turn into steam that will in turn drive electrical-generating turbines. Molten salt can pass through pipes instead of water, and later on be used to generate steam to turn turbines.

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