Report Insurance Fraud to Allstate

Reporting insurance fraud to Allstate helps companies catch fraudulent claims and keep the cost of other insurance customers down. Allstate is large car, home and insurance of the tenant in the USA and Canada. Insurance fraud includes claims for benefits to policyholders not as paid car set entitled to beneficiaries who are in car accident scene.

fraud in insurance may be difficult to completely staged event to claim, or soft, if the person concerned undergoes real loss but exaggerates amount. Collect all the information about fraud can be. Write down names of the parties, additional information that you have, such as addresses and places of employment, and the nature of fraud.

Report Insurance Fraud to Allstate

Visit official website of Allstate. Click on green Claims box on upper-right corner of website. Select Fight Fraud, last link option on menu to your left on Claims page.

Select Where to Report Insurance Fraud from menu on left of Fraud page. Select hyperlinked hotlines under Insurance Company heading on Reporting Insurance Fraud page. first fraud hotline number listed is for Allstate, NICB hotline.

Write number down as shown. Contact Allstate Fraud Department using hotline number. Give agent you speak to all of details you gathered about fraud and any additional information you can think of.

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How to Report Insurance Fraud to Allstate

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