Replace Wood Bathroom Floor

There are many reasons to replace the bathroom floor. main reason is damaged wood roof leaking faucet or toilet. It is never a good idea to simply put new wood on top of the damaged wood.

This could cause mold to form training under the new wood and create health problems for everyone in the house. Turn off the water going to the bathroom. toilet to empty tan.

Replace Wood Bathroom Floor

Remove any excess water in bowl by using old rag or cup. Use wrench or ratchet set to remove bolts and washers that are holding toilet to floor. Disconnect water lines from toilet.

Remove toilet from bathroom. Using wrenches and ratchets, disconnect water and drain lines from bathroom sink. Remove sink from bathroom.

If possible, remove cabinets from bathroom as well. If cabinets can not be removed without damaging them, then floor can be replaced around cabinets but not under cabinets. Make sure that wood under cabinets is not damaged as well as this may require new cabinets to be installed. Once all counters and fixtures have been removed from bathroom, remove old flooring.

pry bar and hammer may be needed to remove old wood. If old wood was screwed down instead of nailed, then simply unscrewing wood will be easy. To remove old wood, put pry bar into edge of piece of wood floor and press on pry bar until wood begins to come up.

Remove all of wood from floor. Use hammer and chisel to remove any old nails that are still in wood studs. Check studs in bare floor to ensure that none of them need replacing.

Replace any studs that are damaged. Start laying new plywood onto floor and nail or screw each piece into studs underneath it. As new plywood is laid, it will be necessary to cut some of plywood to fit into gaps.

Using tape measure and saw, cut plywood to correct length and put it in place. Nail or screw remaining plywood into place. Cut holes in proper places for inserting toilet and bathroom sink.

If linoleum or tile is to be put on top of new wood, now is time to install it.

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