Replace Thermostat on Home Air Conditioner

One of most important pieces of air-conditioned home is thermostat. Without thermostat, air conditioning could operate continuously until power switch is manually turned off. thermostat saves energy by keeping your home at specific temperature.

switch to programmable thermostats makes your system even more efficient because it allows to limit air conditioning at certain times of day, instead of wasting energy cooling your home while you are at work all day. Disconnect main switch of house so there is no power to run air conditioner while it is working. Remove thermostat cover.

Replace Thermostat on Home Air Conditioner

Loosen screws that hold thermostat onto mounting plate. Carefully take thermostat off of mounting plate without damaging glass mercury tube inside. Mark location of each thermostat wire with masking tape.

Remove terminal screws and disconnect wires from thermostat. Loosen screws holding mounting plate on wall and remove plate. Inspect wire ends for any signs of fraying or splitting.

Cut any frayed ends off and strip new end with wire cutters. Wrap loose ends around pencil or stick to keep them from falling back inside wall. Hold new mounting plate up on wall and mark position with pencil.

Use level to make sure line is straight. If thermostat is not level, liquid mercury will give inaccurate readings. Mark location of screw holes when you are satisfied with location.

Use electric drill to make holes where you have marked screws. Insert plastic screw anchors into holes, pressing them down as far as possible so they do not stick out of wall.

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How to Replace Thermostat on Home Air Conditioner

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