Replace Solar Panel for Water Heater

Solar water heaters are incredibly energy efficient and can reduce your water as much as 50 to 70 percent heating bill. Replace solar panel for hot water heating is fairly easy for even the most average DIY craftsman and can be performed in a relatively short time. All you need is spare panel and suitable for special called by your model of solar panel tools.

Proper preparation is the key to easy transition from the old disk to new, so gently and carefully check your owner’s manual when preparing your plate to separate. Turn pump to your solar water heater panel. It is important to turn off the pump, so that it does not run dry, while the solar panel to replace.

Replace Solar Panel for Water Heater

Allow your pipes to drain as much as possible before removing panel from roof. This will make your work simpler, safer and cleaner, and panel will be easier to lift. Disconnect panel from roof mountings, removing screws, wing nuts, brackets, or whatever form of hardware was used in installation.

basic toolbox should already contain everything you need to remove fasteners from mountings. Store these items in safe place until you are ready to reconnect new panel. Disconnect pipes at either end of your solar panel.

Some residual water is normal, and can be drained by gently tipping panel. Place your new solar panel onto mountings and reconnect. Then reconnect pipes.

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How to Replace Solar Panel for Water Heater

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