Replace NuTone Bathroom Fan Motor

A bathroom fan NuTone removable engine used to remove air from the intake grille and expel air out of the exhaust port. NuTone offers models with internal fan and tubular secretion. NuTone ducted fan pushes air through the exhaust port in a section of duct that ends outdoor and exhaust fan port NuTone ductless air returns to the bathroom.

Bathroom fan models include only NuTone fans and ventilation units or combination of light. NuTone bathroom fan is connected to the power supply standard residential 120V. Turn off the breaker bathroom. grip sides bathroom fan grille NuTone and pull down until the metal springs open lamas.

Replace NuTone Bathroom Fan Motor

Squeeze metal springs and pull down on louver. This releases louver from fan’s housing. Set louver aside.

Remove finger-tight wing nut holding NuTone fan or light combination unit’s reflector shield to fan housing, if equipped. Fan-only units do not use reflector shield. Lower reflector shield and pull light’s plug from its receptacle.

receptacle mounts to NuTone fan’s housing. Set shield aside. Pull fan’s plug from its receptacle, found on NuTone fan’s housing.

Fan-only units contain one receptacle and fan or light units have two receptacles. Remove fan blower assembly from Nutone fan housing. If housing uses screw to hold blower assembly in place, remove screw with Phillips screwdriver and lower blower assembly.

If fan assembly uses locking tab to hold blower assembly in place, lift up on assembly and slip straight-blade screwdriver into slot on side of assembly. Twist screwdriver’s handle and pull down on blower assembly.

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How to Replace NuTone Bathroom Fan Motor

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