Replace Bathroom Towel Rack

There is nothing better than a clean and organized bathroom. Damaged or inadequate towel racks can lead people to throw wet towels on the floor, where they create messy disorder and can ruin soil. To prevent this from happening, replace racks of old towels that are too small to meet the needs of your family with new and improved models.

The installation of these new units is surprisingly easy, and can be completed in less than an hour. With his new towel rack, family members will be more likely to hang towels, which will help reduce clutter and keep your tidy bathroom. Choose new towel rack hardware store or home improvement.

Replace Bathroom Towel Rack

Consider color, material, size and style when making your purchase. Be sure to select model that will be able to hold towels for each member of your family. Remove your old unit.

Using drill, remove screws holding rack to wall. If existing rack is particularly large or heavy, you may need someone to hold unit while you unscrew it. Decide where you’d like new rack to hang.

It may need to be higher or lower than old model depending on how it is set up. You don’t want your towels to hit ground, or to rest on any furniture in area. Place rack high enough so towels can hang straight and dry properly.

Place level on wall at spot where you’d like new rack to hang. Using level as straightedge, draw light pencil line where you plan to install towel rack. Have friend or family member hold towel rack in place over top of pencil line.

Use your drill to screw unit into place. Most towel racks will come with appropriate fasteners, but if yours doesn’t, choose screw with proper head size to fit into holes on rack.

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How to Replace Bathroom Towel Rack

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