Replace Bathroom Tiles From 1950s

The bright lavender tile on the wall of his bathroom was probably fashionable in 1954, but now is a headache every time you look. When you have finally had enough and decided to join the modern world and replace tiles, first trick is getting old tile without damaging the wall behind him. carefully remove a tile grout with a saw and chisel will give you a starting point to reach the edges of adjacent tiles.

Digging around a slurry of old tiles, using grout saw. Use the hammer and chisel to tap into the base tile grout open online until you leave. Tap the exposed edge of next tile, using hammer and chisel, until it comes out.

Replace Bathroom Tiles From 1950s

Work your way out, tile by tile, chiseling them out without damaging wall. Remove all tiles. Go over wall with razor scraper to remove any residual grout or mortar.

Mark horizontal line along base of wall with your pencil and level at height of your new tiles, plus quarter inch. Draw vertical line through center of wall from top to bottom. Spread tile adhesive over bottom few feet of wall, using notched trowel.

lines should still be visible through mortar. Set lowest row of tiles into adhesive, under horizontal line and beginning at middle vertical line. Build to sides, tile by tile, putting spacers between them.

There should be quarter-inch space between bottom of tile and floor.

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How to Replace Bathroom Tiles From 1950s

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