Replace Bathroom Tile

This is easy. If canbake muffins or use the remote control to do this. You can replace tiles alone, or put all new tile in your bathroom with just a little elbow grease.

Pry up old tile. Be careful if you are replacing only one, you do not want to replace more than anticipated. Scrape all old adhesive.

Replace Bathroom Tile

Scrape it up really well. You don’t want any lumps. You need nice clean, flat surface for your new tile to adhere to, so don’t be lazy and think that one little lump wouldn’t matter because it will.

Uneven surfaces will make your tiles pop up, crack and break more easily. Sweep up all debris and then vacuum well. You want it clean, clean, clean.

If you are replacing single tile, cheat and squirt some liquid nails on back. Make sure you get bit on corners and nice, smooth, single layered pattern on back. It doesn’t take too much.

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How to Replace Bathroom Tile

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