Replace Bathroom Sink

Replacing the bathroom sink is not difficult in most situations, but it can be time consuming. sink that is old, scratched, chipped or outdated style can be replaced with a new sink to improve and better look around the bathroom. More information about replacing the bathroom sink following these steps.

Measure the length, depth and width of the bathroom sink. Measure the dimensions of the counter, where the sink is. Make sure these measures before buying a new sink and take them with you when you choose the new sink.

Replace Bathroom Sink

Disconnect plumbing from old sink. Turn off water to bathroom and test faucet before handling plumbing. Before removing P-trap, place bucket under it to catch any water.

Disconnect water lines under faucet. Loosen and remove any clips under sink attaching it to countertop. Use utility knife to cut any sealant or putty between sink rim and countertop.

Lift sink from counter. Install faucet and drain assembly into new sink. Wipe off any excess putty from drain installation before it dries.

Apply silicone to under side of sink rim. Lower sink into countertop, being careful to not touch silicone anywhere but desired position. Press sink into place firmly and wipe off any silicone that is squeezed out.

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How to Replace Bathroom Sink

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