Replace Bathroom Sink Flange

Sink flange is circular drainage part surrounding the drain opening. These are most commonly of metal, but also PVC common choice. Replacing the sink flange bathroom is to disconnect the pipes under the sink so you can pop the flange below.

Leaving aside the layer of plumber’s putty to replace the sink flange bathroom will ensure that your drain connection watertight. Position yourself under the sink. Place bucket under the curved portion of drainage pipes underneath.

Replace Bathroom Sink Flange

Loosen two couplings at either end of trap with pair of pliers. Remove trap and empty water into bucket. Unscrew jamb nut with pliers.

jamb nut is large nut located directly beneath sink. Remove this and rubber washer from tailpiece by sliding it off. Unscrew tailpiece, straight portion of pipe directly beneath sink, by turning it counterclockwise.

Tap underside of sink flange with rubber mallet until it pops out in sink above. Take new flange and turn it over so that it is upside down. Roll out bead of plumber’s putty and press it into flange.

Turn flange back over and press it into flange opening at bottom of sink.

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How to Replace Bathroom Sink Flange

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