Replace Bathroom Floor

When you are remodeling your bathroom, one of the most cost-effective changes you can do it is replace ground. You may have old linoleum that is bubbling or peeling, or maybe you’ve broken tiles with moldy grout lines. You can choose from a variety of tiled bath to give your new look.

Choose to replace old flooring tiles in your bathroom. You can choose any material from porcelain to lower-cost luxury marble. Remove the toilet.

Replace Bathroom Floor

Turn off water, flush it once and scoop out any remaining water in bowl and tank. Unscrew bolts that hold toilet to floor as well as to water line. Use your box cutter to score caulk sealing bottom of bowl to floor, and then rock it bit to break seal.

Carefully lift toilet and carry it out of your house. Stuff old rag into drainpipe in floor to keep any fumes from sewer from coming into your home. Pull up old flooring.

Take off baseboards and any quarter-round that someone may have previously installed. If you have vinyl or linoleum bathroom floors, peel up old flooring. If it’s tile, use hammer and chisel to remove it, you can use jackhammer if your bathroom is large enough.

Clean up old floor material and scrape off any leftover adhesive with putty knife.

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How to Replace Bathroom Floor

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