Replace Bathroom Floor in Mobile Home

Replacing bathroom floor in the mobile home is the common repair due to the high incidence of water damage. Such damage bathroom floor feels like soft, spongy part, especially if the basement was originally built with particle board becomes soft and weak when exposed to water. To replace the bathroom floor, remove the old cover of soil and subsoil, reinforcing beams, installing new insulation and construction of new underground.

If you can use a circular saw, drill, and spatula, which can handle this project. Close the main water valve that brings water at home. Remove the toilet.

Replace Bathroom Floor in Mobile Home

Remove existing vinyl or carpet floor covering, door tracks, and floor registers to expose subflooring. Cut along wall edge with circular saw or reciprocating saw. Remove screws and nails from subflooring to remove it.

For easy removal of old floor, cut between each floor joist with circular saw, and remove old floor in sections with pry bar. Remove old nails, glue, and staples from top of joists. Scrape off old glue with putty knife. Add joist using length of 2-by-4-inch lumber and screw it to existing joist, which may be slightly under wall line, to make sure there will be enough support for subflooring.

Replace or upgrade floor insulation. Add joist only if there is no joist along edge of wall. Measure and cut plywood to size, making sure that any seams you cut are located far from toilet.

Apply bead of construction adhesive to tops of all joists to help reduce floor squeaks. Lay down new pieces of plywood flooring and screw into place with 2-inch galvanized screws every 16 inches on joists. Countersink screws so screw heads are just below surface of floor. Follow directions on floor leveler label for mixing, applying, drying, and sanding.

Install new vinyl floor covering, trim strip under door, and baseboards.

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How to Replace Bathroom Floor in Mobile Home

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