Replace Bathroom Counters

bathroom countertops can take a lot of abuse. They are also one of the most visible parts of bathroom design. When vanity top begins to show its age, you can exit quickly rest of the bathroom.

When this happens, the replacement of the top can only give your bathroom whole new look. There are many types of bathroom countertops on the market today, all installed with the same method and materials. Turn off the water under the sink.

Replace Bathroom Counters

Turn on faucets to clear lines and drain. Use pipe wrench to disconnect faucet and drain from below counter. Inspect underside of vanity top.

Look for wood screws holding top in place on corners. Remove any screws found. Use utility knife to cut through any adhesives holding top in place on vanity, and around edges on walls.

Lift old top aside. Run dust cloth over edge of vanity where top sits to remove any debris. Lift new top into place temporarily to test its fit.

Remove it and turn it upside down on nearby flat surface. Push stems of new faucet up from top of vanity and tighten them down on underside with wrench. Install undermount sink if applicable by running thin line of silicone caulk adhesive around opening of sink cutout.

Center sink above cutout and gently lower it into place. Wait ten minutes for adhesive to begin to dry before turning over vanity top.

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How to Replace Bathroom Counters

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