Replace Bath Tub Stopper

Bathroom stoppers bathtub drain can operate for years before they begin to decompose. Most bath plugs operate by setting the lever on the overflow plate. When you pull the lever, linkage toggle spring forces to push the cap up against the plate drainage, water in the tub lock.

If the drain plug is leaking or otherwise malfunction, replacement is needed little time and effort. Depletion of the tub depth. Blot any excess water left after drain, then let stand the bathtub for three hours to ensure that the entire apparatus is dry.

Replace Bath Tub Stopper

Locate bath tub’s stop valve and tighten it, stopping flow of water to bath. This will help keep water from spreading all over floor later if you accidentally turn faucet knobs. Unscrew two screws located on overflow plate with your flathead screwdriver.

overflow plate is part of assembly containing lever that stops drain. After removing screws, remove overflow plate by pulling forward, using your screwdriver to pry plate forward if necessary. When you pull overflow plate, stopper lever will come out with it.

It will be attached to spring assembly that goes down overflow tube. Pull it all out to remove it from bath tub drain stopper assembly. Unscrew drain basket located on floor of bath tub using basket wrench.

If you do not own basket wrench, you can make incision into drain basket with metal cutting blade from electric saw. Be careful that you do not cut into porcelain or other material of your bath tub. When drain basket and overflow plate have been removed, bath tub drain stopper assembly will be detached from bath tub.

If you have free-standing bath tub, move it away from assembly so that you can access assembly easier. Remove bath tub drain stopper assembly from drain pipe using your pipe wrench. Connect pipes that make up bath tub drain stopper, attaching your P-trap pipe to end of drain stopper pipes.

Do not attach overflow plate with linkage assembly yet. Connect your P-trap to main drain pipe. If necessary, purchase pipe adapter from hardware store to connect your P-trap to drain pipe.

Line up bath tub drain stopper pipes with appropriate holes in your bath tub. Use silicone caulk to attach drain stopper pipes to bath tub, creating water tight seal. Allow silicone caulk enough time to dry properly.

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