Repair Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Pool solar panels eventually expire. Ultraviolet light damages and freezing temperatures often cause solar panel pipe leaking. Leaks will be found in small diameter pipes and where they meet the upper and lower larger diameter pipes.

Use steps following leak repair in solar pool panels. Identify leaking solar panels. Run to let solar pool heating circulate water through panels.

Repair Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Leaks will be seen as drip lines from large upper and lower tubes. Leaks in individual channel tubes will be seen as stream of water. Use chalk or nail polish to mark each leak.

Turn off pool pump and allow panels to drain and dry completely. Identify brand of solar panels you own. Search online for solar panel repair kit that includes tube cutting tool and tapered rubber plugs.

For example, Fafco solar panels have their own affordable solar repair kit as noted in Resource Links below. If you cannot find repair kit, you can still make necessary repairs. Use cutting tool or razor knife to remove 1 inch long front section of leaking tube near top and bottom of tube.

Push repair plug into opened tube. Fafco kit will provide tool to push tapered plug into tube.

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How to Repair Swimming Pool Solar Panels

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