Repair Smelly Air Conditioner

When air conditioner is turned on, last thing you want is bad odor emanating from his pipe. Unfortunately, as air conditioners reside outside, can trap foreign particles or debris that can decompose and create odors. fact that air conditioners produce water as waste product means that moisture can accumulate and allow emergence of mold forming which can also lead to bad odors.

Fortunately, units are easily cleaned with bleach, commercial cleaners and water. Turn off power to air conditioner. Find one end of condensate line and carefully pull it loose.

Repair Smelly Air Conditioner

Pull line free of other end as well to completely remove tubing from air conditioner. Be careful when pulling it free as any water trapped inside may spill out all over you. Flush line with bleach and water solution to kill any mold and mildew that may have formed in or on line.

Rinse line thoroughly and set line aside to dry. Take out air filter and dispose of it. Remove drip pan from underside of unit and drain any standing water.

Use hot water, soap and non-abrasive sponge to clean it and remove any sediment. If pan still smells, use mild bleach and water solution. Set tray aside and let it dry completely.

Examine interior of air conditioner for anything that may not belong there and causes odors. Remove any debris, dead animals or rotting vegetation that may be trapped inside unit. Spray evaporator coils with foaming coil cleaner.

Follow product instructions thoroughly to remove oil, dust or dirt and then rinse with hose. Continue rinsing interior until water drains out and is relatively clear.

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How to Repair Smelly Air Conditioner

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