Repair Single Lever Bathroom Faucet

Most bathroom faucets have a single handle construction of the ball valve type in place with two or three combinations of rubber seal and spring. in this faucet handle style works front to back and side to side movement to control the water flow and temperature. Time and use can cause the adjusting ring to loosen or can cause wear of bearings, rubber seals and springs and require replacement to repair problems with the exhaust.

Despite dealing with each seal and spring or leakage problem ball valve is individually option, the better idea is to buy the repair kit, replace them all and save time later. Locate and activate the water supply valves under the sink in the clockwise direction until the water is off. Turn on the faucet to let the water remaining in the line is available.

Repair Single Lever Bathroom Faucet

Locate setscrew either under plastic cap on top of faucet lever or under handle. Unscrew and remove. Locate metal adjusting ring just on top of valve cap.

Use Allen wrench to tighten by turning clockwise. Replace faucet handle, turn water back on and test. If this solves your leakage problem, problem was not due to defective parts, you will not need to disassemble your faucet and you are finished.

If faucet is still leaking, proceed to Section 2. Locate and turn water supply valves under sink in counterclockwise direction until water is off. Open faucet handle to allow any water remaining in line to clear.

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How to Repair Single Lever Bathroom Faucet

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