Repair Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Drip

Leaky bathroom faucets single handle are not only annoying, but can lose gallons of water each year if left unchecked. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to save money by fixing drip itself. If none of these steps works, the tap itself probably needs to be replaced.

Before starting work on the mixer tap, drain then cover with a cloth to keep small pieces fall where they fall. Close the control valve tap water bath to be working with. For sinks, this is usually in the vanity cabinet under the sink.

Repair Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Drip

Bathtub water valves are generally located behind faucet. In newer homes, there is access panel in closet behind bathtub. For older home, you may have to cut through drywall around bathtub in order to access water supply valve.

It may be easier to shut off main water supply to home in this case. Turn on faucet slowly to drain system. Pry off cap on top of faucet handle with flathead screwdriver.

Loosen nut inside faucet so you can access internal parts. Use needle nose pliers to gently remove rod inside faucet. Inspect it for mineral deposits caused by hard water. Wipe rod down with white household vinegar to clean off these deposits and improve flow of water through faucet.

Replace rod if it appears cracked or extremely worn. Inspect washer seat, washer, o-rings and seal for worn spots or cracks. Take old parts to hardware store when you are purchasing replacements to make sure you get proper sizes.

Install any replacement parts that were purchased in Step Three. Slide rod back into place and tighten locking nut. Press cap onto top of faucet handle until it locks back into place.

Turn water back on, reversing process you used in Step One. Remove cloth covering drain and test faucet for leaks.

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How to Repair Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Drip

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