Repair Porcelain Bathtub Scratch

A bathtub is an important part of your bathroom, and if you have scratches or defect which detracts look of the entire room. Bathtubs can be painted entirely to new brand image, but no need to do this if your tub has only a small scratch. Here’s how to repair scratches on the porcelain tub.

Determine if zero is small enough to be repaired. If you have many large scratches and or or chips, you may want to get completely re-enameled tub. This can be expensive, but bring back the bathtub as new.

Repair Porcelain Bathtub Scratch

Find porcelain repair kit in color of your bathtub. These kits are available at almost any hardware store and can be found in many colors. If you can’t find exact match, get color that is next shade lighter.

darker color will be more noticable. Prepare scratched area of porcelain bathtub by cleaning and drying it. Wiping it with rubbing alcohol after cleaning it will ensure there is no dirt or dust in scratch.

Apply porcelain paint by following directions on repair kit. You should apply small amount of paint and allow it to dry completely before applying another coat. It may take several coats before scratch is gone.

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How to Repair Porcelain Bathtub Scratch

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