Repair Leaks in Bathroom Sink Drains

Leaking sink drains bathroom come from any number of places in your drain. Sometimes it is difficult to find the area where the leak began. If you have never done before all plumbing, repairing leaks in the drain sink bathroom it is probably one of the best places to start because you can usually see all piping.

If the pipes are old and hidden, you may want to replace with plastic PVC pipe. It is much cheaper and does not corrode. Isolating leak.

Repair Leaks in Bathroom Sink Drains

One method of doing this is to dry all drain pipes, and then fill bowl with room temperature water. Cold water makes pipe feel wet even when it’s not. If plumbing leaks at this point, your problem is probably in drain itself.

Turn on water to room temperature and continue to run it after you pull plug. Start at top of drain pipe and move your hand down pipe. Where you first feel water, normally leak is there.

Tighten connection where leak occurs. You don’t always have to take plumbing apart. Don’t use wrench on PVC, hand tighten it instead.

Take apart plumbing. If you worry about fact that you might not remember where each part goes, label them with marker before you remove them. For instance, tail piece might be numbered 1top and connection to it 1bottom.

If you have to replace parts, you’ll have old ones as pattern. You’ll have to remove connection to drain and P-trap if drain fixture in sink leaks. Unscrew nut that holds drain in sink.

Have friend hold 2 screw drivers in opening in drain to hold it in place while your loosen nut that holds it. If you have pop up, take pop up out of drain first before you start. Push sink drain out.

If it’s in good condition, then it probably just needs more plumber’s putty. Get new drain if you see corrosion. Make plumber’s putty into snake and put it around top of opening for drain after you cleaned off old residue.

Tighten nut underneath. Secure PVC adapter if you’re replacing metal pipes with PVC. You need adapter to connect PVC to threaded metal pipe.

There should already be male fitting on pipe if it doesn’t.

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How to Repair Leaks in Bathroom Sink Drains

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