Repair EZ Straight Christmas Tree Stand

The Christmas tree stand straight EZ is enhanced regular foot tree design. Has pivot that allows tree, receptacle for easy access to water, foot pedal to lock position of shaft, and base which may contain tree weighing up to 150 pounds straightened. Because media has many components, some might fail and need to be repaired.

locate problem. You need to know which component failed in order to fix it. most common problems are stuck pedal, tree that is loose or can not stand, and water leaks flowing or not in receptacle.

Repair EZ Straight Christmas Tree Stand

Turn stand upside down if pedal is stuck. You will notice component that resembles train track. To release push pedal, take small screwdriver and push down on top of triangular pocket located in place that foot pedal pushes on as it goes down.

Tighten screws on trunk receptacle if tree is loose. If screw is broken or missing, replace it with extra one that came with stand. Examine trunk receptacle to see that bottom is straight, if tree will not stand straight.

If crack or bump is present, fill bottom with sand taken from outside. Place sand in trunk receptacle to height of inch or two and set tree back in. Remove water receptacle if water is not flowing into base of stand.

Clean it with warm water and check water level with your finger if tree has stopped drawing water. If receptacle is broken, call manufacturer for replacement part or pour water straight into stand. If stand is leaking, remove tree and dump out water.

Find hole and tape it on inside with duct tape. Cover inside of bottom receptacle with trash bag and place tree with water back in.

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How to Repair EZ Straight Christmas Tree Stand

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