Repair dripping dual handle bathroom faucet

If you have bathroom faucet double handle that just keeps dripping, blame is often defective washers. Taking apart from changing tap washers often remedy the problem. Locate and close the supply of hot and cold water faucet that is going to work.

Once the water supply is off, open the hot and cold at the tap handles. Note If you do turn opens mangoes not be able to get out stems. Indicator lever are the culmination of the top of each handle, with a standard screwdriver, and put it aside.

Repair dripping dual handle bathroom faucet

Under indicator caps is set of screws usually Phillips-head . Remove each screw. Once screws are out, you can remove handle by gently pulling up on each one.

Once handles are off you are left with just faucet stems. To remove faucet stems, use adjustable wrench, placing it on grooves on stem and turning counter-clockwise. Examine stem once you have it out.

There should be two o rings around side of stem and rubber washer on bottom of stem. Use edge of your standard screwdriver, along groove where o rings sit, to remove o ring. Use Phillips screwdriver to remove set screw that holds washer onto stem.

Insert o rings and washers on stems back into faucet body after removing and replacing them . Tighten down with adjustable wrench using clockwise motion. Re-install handles, re-install set screw, re-install indicator caps, turn faucet handles off and turn water supply back on.

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How to Repair dripping dual handle bathroom faucet

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